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Home Page About Us Stitching Knitting Crochet  Photos


A successful Cabled Wristwarmer class

Results from some of our fall workshops

Cabin Fever’s Tasia’s Cardigan
Look at the cute ladybug and leaf buttons
on the little cardigan and the toglets on the middle cardigan.

This December our cable of knitters went to watch The Nutcracker and support our fellow knitter Jed.  That’s him towering above all of us!

We had mini stocking with candy canes for the cast members.

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This is Kauni lace weight 100% wool from Denmark.  A 270g skein has 1890m, it took nearly 20 minutes to wind this skein into a ball.

In the skein you can see all the colours, when it is wound into a ball you can see how those colours are going to knit up in wide stripes.

I knit the swatch on 3.00mm, 3.5mm and 4.00mm needles, my favourite is the 3.5mm.

I’d like to use this to knit the Follow the Leader Faroese Shawl by Syvia Harding, I just need a few more hours in the day!

This is our popular Swirl Shawl, it is usually knit in a mohair blend on 8mm needles.  

This time I used Smith & Ewe (from Kamloops) sock yarn with 5mm needles.  

I am very happy with this, I love the drape and it is just enough to cover the shoulders.

Carolyn from 2 Good Claymates (from Chase) brought in some pretty sweater guards.  When I saw them I knew they would make the perfect shawl guard!

They stop the shawl from sliding off your shoulders.

Our Thursday morning Knit and Chat enjoyed the company of little Locke.  He was happy to visit with everyone and Mom even managed to do some knitting.

This is our top down workshop project knit in one of the new variegated colours from Cascade Yarns Avalon.

The yarn knits to 20sts to 4ins and is a 50/50 blend of cotton and acrylic.

My super quick Marshmallow Pillow, knit on 20mm needles with  Borgo Pazzi’s Grosso.

This look about an hour and a half at a Tuesday night knit and chat.  Just cast on 24 sts and knit 17 rows.

Tea anyone?  Our cow tea cozy is keeping our tea warm.

This is a new pattern I have been working on.  An extra bulky jacket knit from the top down.

In progress


It fits!

This is a cross country jacket, the yarn comes from Briggs & Little in New Brunswick and the antler buttons from Vancouver Island.

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