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July to October 2014

Margaret knit the Fibre Trends pattern Basket of Flowers.

The yarn was Cascade’s Heritage Silk Paints - it feels wonderful.

Betty Anne and Bonnie were both expecting grandbabies.

Betty Anne’s bunting bag is from Fashion Aran from King Cole.

Bonnie’s baby boy outfits are with with Sirdar Snuggly DK.

This is the puppy from Caribou Critters - isn’t she cute!

This was knit by Betty Anne’s for her new granddaughter,  the puppy and baby have matching headbands.

I knit Sweet Corn and Sweet Pea while on holiday for my teachers to pass on to their babies.

I knit both Purls at the same time so I had four little legs and four arms on the table before joining them to the bodies.

I wanted to makes these baby safe so I used felt for the white of the eyes and needle felted the sewed the eyes in place.

On the left of the page is Purl and on the right is Purl with her sister Tink.

They are knit from Fiber Trends Felted Flock pattern except - I used Country Roving and 10mm needles to make them.  They came out a lot bigger than the original pattern.

MaaaMaaa is knit from the same pattern but using 2 strands of White Buffalo wool and 15mm needles.  

The White Buffalo was in my stash, I’m not sure where it came from.  White Buffalo wool has not been made for over 15 years so this was a good project to use it up in.

Big MaaMaaa weighs in at nearly 10lbs.

The socks on the left are make from Ancient Arts sock yarn, the colour is called Where the Coho Go. How can you not knit socks with the colour name Where the Coho Go.  These socks are for Stephen.

The socks on the right are for Sara and I knit both pair from one ball of SockItToMe.

This is Taisa’s Cardigan from Cabin Fever, it is one of our classes this fall.  The cardigan is knit form the top down and I used Cascade Yarns Pacific Colorwave.  

It may look like I did an excellent job matching the colours but all I had to do was knit.  Because this is knit from the top down the body (fronts and back) are all knit at the same time so you don’t have to worry about matching anything.  

The buttons are from 2 Good Claymates and I really wanted to use the ladybug buttons but they were a little too big for the buttonholes but make an excellent decoration on the collar.

More class projects.

All three Christmas ornaments are knit using a number of different techniques.  

The Slouchy Hat with Stripes has three different decreases and the stripes were knit without a jog in the colour.

This is Clyde from Riverstone Yarns sitting out spinning with the sheep when Riverstone Yarns came for a visit in September.  

Look at the beautiful blue September sky.

Susan joined us at our Saturday afternoon Knit and Chat.

The sheep are all stuffed with 100% wool.  They are quite happy to sit out on the grass in all weather.  Rain doesn’t bother them as it just sits on their wooly coats.

The Bamboozle Snood.

Knit with one and a half skeins of Bamboozle with a simple K4, P4 pattern this is a very popular quick and easy pattern.

The Big Wheel Lattice Scarf.

Knit with Cascade Yarns Big Wheel and our free pattern called The Bias Scarf.   The K2tog always on the same side creates a bias with this scarf which really shows off the colours.